Friday, December 17, 2010

My New Macbo0k!!

Im in intermediate now.. nd my lovely parents has book me into a laptop which we have our own macbook for us to learn and put all our work in. Also we get to bring our macbook home every night! It has help me alot in learning using macbook, i explore more thinqs nd startinq to love learning!! Thx Daddy and My mummy!! luv yahh <3

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WeDnEsDaY BluEs!!

I have road patrol today in a freezing Wednesday morning.I was on cones for the morning and my hand went numb even tho I've got my gloves on. Mrs Peck was on duty with us today and of course lady "chat!!chat!!". Mrs Peck forgot all about it until I came and tell her she was on duties.
The bell rang, I quickly ran to my class and it was so embarrassing because everyone was looking @ me. By the way first thing we did was "question" and I know what you think( What kind of subject was it?) Well its like we have to learn how to ask good questions by looking @ picture and videos. Open question is not a good questions. Today pictures was a sinkhole n it just happen 3 weeks ago at this country name ( I forgot).
Then we have Self Directed Learning (SDL). We have to do a poems ( NOT LIKE MAKE A POEM) mrs kenyon gave us a poem and we have to write in our skills book and decorate it, writing "Why r u so lucky to have me in your class?", Vocabulary and record x-country story by friday. Thats a heck lot to do ae?
Morning t time, we spent all morning t hanging around the monkey bar!!
It was co-o--l--d!!
After morning t I've got comm group and we have to do a advertise video for PTA QUIZ NIGHT
Jas n I r doing intro
Maia n Caelum r doing Middle
Britz and Luce r doing the end part
Jas and I always mucked it up and maia and caleum too.
Anyway our video wasnt that good ( IHATE IT)

Ok thats not the end of my day but my hand r getting tired now so cya and catch ya later elligator!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Swimming Lesson 2010 @ Lido Aquatic Centre

"Splash!!" as I jumped into a bluey blury cold water..all I could think is "A LENGHT POOL ..IT'S LONG..HOW AM I GOING TO SWIM..I CAN'T DO THIS.."

My instructor name is Ashley..The first thing she gave us is a FLUTTER my group there were 3 peoples..Karen..Me..and this boy ( forgot what his name is)..

First thing she taught us is Swimming arm and Breathing arm..we have to swim for a lenght..

"whatt" ( Which is I'm not going to say that to her) At last I reached to the end.."whoah...its deep..can't reached the ground.." as I hold to a pole..luckily there was a pole other wise "PANIC"..

I can't believe I made did to the deepest pool I ever been..its I me and half of me...which is deep.. We had to do that plenty of time..everytime she said this " You guys have to swim a lenght.." my face went bright red.."WHATT!!"..But I just did it.. Everytime I did BACKSTROKE I always near at the side of me..coz if I wanna stop I can just hold it..which is kind of a relief.. It was time to go..but before that we did a dive..FUN..I HAD A BLAST!!..
We did it for 3 days...I day for 45 minutes..
It is pretty similar

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



How To Play?

1)First we need 2 even team or maybe not!!
2)Then 1 of the team form a wall and one of the line up
3)How to form a wall? Firstly..the 1st person face the team that were lined up and the 2nd person face the opposite way of it and so on..follow the patterns!!
4) The form a wall team have to be 2 metres away from the line up team
5) The line up team have to run as fast as they could 1 at the time.. and the form a wall team have to tag them...after the form a wall tag 1 of go another that's meant you have to tag all of the line up team!1


More Games coming soon